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Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...

Dipset + New School Temptations = Diptations

When will the Dipset disappear forever??? Friends for life, Camron and Jim Jones, are allegedly beefing. Maybe it's getting SLAPPED up by Tru Life and an assortment of other goons on a regular basis, maybe it's the frequent skin tight jeans and V-neck tee disses, or maybe it's the fact that these dudes produce a hot track about once every 2 years...Who knows but hopefully these clowns will vanish into obscurity forever a la Ed Obannon.

Busta Rhymes' On Steroids--Snoop's On Coke (Both consume Speedballs)

Between the two of these aged rappers, there has to be more arrest lately than football players at the U--and those dudes get busy. Snoop got arrested with nothing short of the mafia on him (guns, coke, bundles of weed) and Bussa Bus crazy ass has been Bruce Bannering (slapping up) random cats like it's nothing along with numerous traffic violations. I'm surprised a judge hasn't slapped one of these fools with a bid in the soap factory (jail).

Mayweather Lays Hands On the Golden Boy

Why do boxers have the most brutal sport but the frutiest nicknames? The Pretty Boy v. The Golden Boy. Both are equally soft. Anyways SURPRISE SURPRISE Mayweather beat Oscar. Everytime Floyd lifted his hands he landed punches while Oscar threw girl like flurries occasionally punching Floyd in the arms or ear. Nice work Oscar. On another note, both fighters caught an assload of $$$. I'm no jockey rider but Mayweather's cooning antics should be documented via reality tv. That n***a is funny.

Warriors are Catching Wood From the Jazz

I watched the game which looked like Arch Rivals and the Warriors caught dick by way of the refs for what seemed like all game. They missed mad fouls, gave Utah mad questionable calls so on and so forth. I'm confident GS will get in that ass at home.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fruity or Fly???

As many of you know Kanye can be a bit flamboyant...I'll leave the picture below and y'all let me know what y'all think...