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Friday, June 1, 2007

Things that Make You Go Hmmm...The Questions pt. 1

Was Grafh the original Joe Budden?

Lebron is a Man (pause, no fruity)

A year ago, I was arguing with some of my homies about how I thought D Wade was better than Bron Bron. I made said assertion because then, in the clutch, Wade-ums was money and on the contrary, Bron was passing first and looking a bit sheepish when the clock winded down plus Wade had the ring.

A year later...LBJ is a man(pause). I wasn't even watching the game until overtime and I saw the kid doing some real NBA Live shit--you know when that one lame cat who gets a team with a kobe, t-mac or whoever and has said player score 100 pts. The dude was catching double teams, triple teams, pullin fadeaway 3s, teabagging Prince repeatedly. He laid pipe to the whole city of Detroit, not just the Pistons, the whole city. It was depressing to see the fans sitting in their seats after the game after they got no vaselined by one man. LBJ scored 28 of the last 30 points in the double overtime thriller with a career high in playoff pts with 48. It was almost unreal.

Finally King James is living up to the pipe polishing the NBA/sports critics/ESPN has been giving him since...hmmm about 8th grade (that's right ESPN covered one of his middle school games). Finally. Cleveland fans celebrate now, because if the Cavs make it to the finals against the Spurs, it's gonna be a re-enactment of OZ, with the Spurs being Adebisi (Ah-duh-bee-see) and the Cavs playing a sweet new candy ass on the yard. (super pause for the above)

But for now, Cleveland rejoice.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Real World: Sin City Cast Reunited

Yea, it's lightweight lame but I've always been a fan of the Real World. Back when Puck (look down...yea this guy)

was spittin on bitches and calling the gay dude a fag (real talk), I was watching it or when that black flaming moe (I think Stephen) slapped that white chick because she called him a homo. (this cast, again look down)

I was watching it back when they had that crazy black dude who introduced the ANGRY BLACK MAN to the world, I was there.(Him)

When Ruthie (her)

was drinking and sucking face with other chicks, yup you guessed it. I can go on but I say that b/c my favorite season was the Las Vegas season b/c it had chicks tonguing each other down, random drunkenness, unadulterated promiscuity (numerous doinking sessions), hoes calling bitches, bitches, bitches callin hoes, hoes. It was highly entertaining and they're bringing them back; some as crazy, depressed 20 somethings (Irissa), others have dropped their balls (Frank) and others have moved on to less interesing lives.

Whatever the case, on the first episode big boobied Irulan and crazy ass Irissa are already at each other's light skinn-di-did necks and we find out that Alton (black surfer dude), big boobie Irulan and crazy ass Irissa lived together and Alton almost doinked Irissa in a bathroom incident 4 years ago. The three spend the latter half of the episode arguing about who tried to move on who. Oh, yea LV season 1 lame, did some slut. Anywho, I think Alton tried her but that's me... I would have went for the menage too. They're both stainable, especially Irulan.

Looks like it'll be another decent season at least for the 4/5 episodes when they're screaming at each other's faces, doinking randoms or throwing beer cans at each other (Frank fastballs one at Steve--honestly, looking forward to seeing that). I'm looking forward to the whole season.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weezy = Drugged Out Zombie (who occasionally puts out heatrocks)

As much hate as dude receives, I actually like his music. "I Feel Like Dying" is one of the most trippy Lil Wayne tracks I've heard and serves as more proof that Wayne is probably high more than he is sober. Check it out at right chea. I can't decide if I fucks with it or not. Y'all let me know.

Lupe + Kanye + Pharrell = Ridiculoso Track

I remember the first time I heard that Kanye and Pharrell would pair up for that track off Pharrell's In My Mind. I thought they were about to change the game. Then they dropped that boo boo. Man, that shit was wack. I was expecting some otherworldly shit like this new "Us Placers" featuring Lupe Tobasco. Anyway thank, Spine Magazine for hosting it on their site. I jacked the link from Gorilla v. Bear. I guess it's not really jacking if I'm self snitching myself out. Any check the shit out here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kanye West-Can't Tell Me Nothing Mixtape

No homo jokes, no talk about Ye' being overrated or an egotistical moron. Just a post of his new mixtape. And let me tell you the shit is FRESH. I'm looking forward to the Graduation album. CHICAGO is really crushin' this hip hop shit right now.

Note to the RIAA: I'm not making any money off of this post. Please do not sue my broke ass or DJ Drama me. Thank you.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Ever Been Ashamed to Tell Cats You Listened to Some Shit...

Here's three shits cats probably didn't know I listened to:

1. Gucci Mane

I'm almost shocked that I listen to his ignorant bullshit, but for some reason I enjoy the shit. It makes no utter sense, it's ignorant like a newborn baby, I could write the lyrics standing on my head but the shit bumps. Between that "Pillz" track (is your rollin', is you rollin' bitch i might be, bitch i might be) track and that "Freaky Gurls" (she's a very freaky girl, don't take home to mother...) he somehow manages to get in the rotation. This is music even God would slap you for. Check it out here.

2. John Mayer

Yea...yea...yea...What can I say here. I know this is the type of music cats take fully clothed showers while they're crying but I somehow dig his overly emotional, drastically confused, love ballads. You can tell this cat is one of those spastic, awkward dudes who does not know how to control their appendiges but whatever the case is, he's made it work for him (note:i.e. banging big boobie Jessica Simpson) . They're the only type of dudes who are capable of making this type of music (see: Chris Martin) b/c they're so freakishly awkward. I got hip to Mayer my first year of college and used to bump it in my headphones when no one was around. Eventually other cats start fuckin' with it off the strength but yea, NO ONE WHO BUMPS JOHN MAYER GETS STREET CRED. NO ONE. Who says while you're about to ride "aye, aye man, throw on that J. Mayer??? If someone has said this in your crew, you may want to start looking for a new crew.

3. Daft Punk

Very lightweight fruity, I must admit. If you've never heard Daft Punk and most black people probably never have check here. Imagine this scenario: mo-moes dancing around, at a rave with no shirts, waving their arms frantically. Truth is they may be listening to some Daft Punk. I think I picked up one of their albums off one of those Japanimation videos they had and I thought it was straight; different but straight. It was a real smooth listen. That's all I can remember about it but just some different type shit for when I don't feel like listening to rappers scream bullshit into mics.