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Friday, May 4, 2007

Wynton Marsalis Lays the Smack Down on Hip Hop?

Interesting story I came across on XXLMag.comWynton Marsalis Calls Out 50 Cent & Ludacris; a jazz musician expresses his thoughts on hip-hop in a very candid way.

“I call it ghetto minstrelsy,” Marsalis tells The Guardian. “Old school minstrels used to say they were real darkies from the real plantation. Hip-Hop substitutes the plantation for the streets. Now you have to say you’re from the streets, you shot some brothers, you went to jail. Rap has become a safari for people who get their thrills from watching African-American people debase themselves — men dressing in gold, calling themselves stupid names like Ludacris and 50 Cent, spending money on expensive fluff, using language like “bitch,” “ho” and “nigger.”

Disclaimer: This is not about all rappers just the hoe ass n***as that purposely put out wack music.

I agree wholeheartedly and I'd even take it further. Rappers are not just coons, they're HOES. And I don't mean hoes like a hoe n***a. I mean hoes like prostitutes/tricks. Basically, record labels find guys that look like what they imagine a sale-able archetype to be i.e. thugged out, gangsta or heartthrob. They loan them some money so they can get some nice clothes, flashy cars, watches and jewels...Then they put their BITCHES on the strip and tell them to go fetch their bread. If that's not a trick then I don't know what is. When rappers fuck up, labels smack them up. They shelf their projects, cut their marketing budgets, call them in meetings and verbally spank them etc. etc. When a label's perceived as a better fit, rappers move to another pimp. And you never see the pimps in the field. They just put their hoes out there. When they're done shaking their HOES down, they leave them for broke.

Nevertheless, thanks Wynton for thinking and saying what most civilized Black people think about mainstream rap already.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pound For Pound Beanie's Better Than Hov...

I've been wanting to post this one for a minute but I just never got around to it plus I'm lazy. Do y'all remember the line "Compared to Beans you wack" by Nas when he was etherizing Hov. sidenote: Who thought Nas was gonna drop that napalm on Jay??? I know I didn't. Anywho, nobody ever really took it serious because it was said in the heat of the battle but if you've ever listened to a Jay track that features Beans or vice versa. It's kinda true.

Exhibit A: "Raw and Uncut" Jay's still the elder statesman but Bean's shows he can keep up no doubt.

"Raw and Uncut Lyrics"

Exhibit B: Jay's "Roc La Fam" is like Bean's coming out party. "This Can't be Life" Beans is in the anchor, same thing on "Street's is Talking" etc, etc.

Roc La Familia Lyrics

Exhibit C: On the B-Coming "It's On" Beanie shines on Jay

"It's On" Lyrics

There are some lapses and some other features where I feel like Bean's shines on Hov but I don't feel like scouring the net to find all the features the dudes has ever done. I mean I do have a REAL JOB although I spend most of my time bullshittin'. If that ain't proof enough check this out. Nas v. Jay. Both artists exchange blows but Nas decisively KOs Jigga with Ether. Superugly the response was only a bitch fit with low blows and "Blueprint2" the track was too late. Beans on the other hand bodied Jadakiss in a way that no emcee has ever been bodied before. It was like watching a highschool bully smack up a kindergardener. It was just sad. Jay is probably 10X richer, sold 100X more albums, with Beyonce blah, blah, blah but if these dudes came out at the same time, Jay might be Bean's underling...

Pour Out Some Liquor 4 Hip Hop's Bible

Well, The Source has hit ROCK BOTTOM. No, not the 200th issue with Cube on which was pretty LAME-O in itself or the 100 Pac and Big tributes (seriously though how many of those tributes can you put together) but they're certified deadbeat status. They've filed for Chapter 11 which means if the Source had a whip, the repo man would be on his way to snatch that shit back.

All jokes aside, it's kind of sad because The Source used to be the definitive magazine for hip hop bar none. It was the only magazine nationwide that properly dealt with hip hop in a way that was not too stiff or dry but not too "Tyrone from the block" with its language. The shit was hot!!! John Blaze shit. It used to make us mad when they overrated an album (lil kim's "5 mic" shitbag) or underrated an album (supreme clientele 4 or 4.5 mics). And when they gave Jay's Blueprint and Nas' Stillmatic 5 mics we all had orgasms. Now they're broker than Pookie after he beamed up at the carter. This officially is the BEGINNING OF THE END. THE BIGS ARE GONNA PICK UP SOME OTHER EDGY GENRE AND DISPOSE OF ITS RED HEADED STEP CHILD THAT'S NO LONGER A CASH COW.

Now it'll be left to assrags like XXL and Rap Pages to hold it down. I never fucked with XXL from the beginning b/c it wasn't the Source but I guess I'll check it out after all their blogs are straight.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Quasimoto Come On Feet

This video is from off of one of the better hip hop album ever made. It's hella funny too.