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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pound For Pound Beanie's Better Than Hov...

I've been wanting to post this one for a minute but I just never got around to it plus I'm lazy. Do y'all remember the line "Compared to Beans you wack" by Nas when he was etherizing Hov. sidenote: Who thought Nas was gonna drop that napalm on Jay??? I know I didn't. Anywho, nobody ever really took it serious because it was said in the heat of the battle but if you've ever listened to a Jay track that features Beans or vice versa. It's kinda true.

Exhibit A: "Raw and Uncut" Jay's still the elder statesman but Bean's shows he can keep up no doubt.

"Raw and Uncut Lyrics"

Exhibit B: Jay's "Roc La Fam" is like Bean's coming out party. "This Can't be Life" Beans is in the anchor, same thing on "Street's is Talking" etc, etc.

Roc La Familia Lyrics

Exhibit C: On the B-Coming "It's On" Beanie shines on Jay

"It's On" Lyrics

There are some lapses and some other features where I feel like Bean's shines on Hov but I don't feel like scouring the net to find all the features the dudes has ever done. I mean I do have a REAL JOB although I spend most of my time bullshittin'. If that ain't proof enough check this out. Nas v. Jay. Both artists exchange blows but Nas decisively KOs Jigga with Ether. Superugly the response was only a bitch fit with low blows and "Blueprint2" the track was too late. Beans on the other hand bodied Jadakiss in a way that no emcee has ever been bodied before. It was like watching a highschool bully smack up a kindergardener. It was just sad. Jay is probably 10X richer, sold 100X more albums, with Beyonce blah, blah, blah but if these dudes came out at the same time, Jay might be Bean's underling...

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