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Friday, June 22, 2007

Some More of That New Fresh Shit: J*Davey

I think the first time I heard about this group, they were performing at MJQ Concourse which is down here in the A. Nicolay was performing too. In hindsight, I should've went b/c that's a really dope bill but I think I elected to sit on my ass and watch Sportscenter which was a great choice then, not so much now. Because her name kept poppin' up in different circles I moved in and out of I checked it out on the net, streamed a song or two and ironically, my roommate ended up with their "Division of Joy" demo tape. Man that shit's hot like VD. I'll try to put the shit online b/c 1) only about a handful of people heard it and 2) judging from how futuristic the music is, I couldn't see them releasin' a LP until February 31st or maybe January 33rd (FUCKING MAJOR RECORD LABELS!!!!). I'd describe it as new wave, rock, electronica, house & some other cosmic shit. Fuck it, it's uncategorizable. Anyhoo, click here to see what I'm saying. Enjoy snitches.

Click Here for more crack--the legal type.

Nutso Comes Out to Sing: Lauryn Hill Preps An Album Fo' Real

Lauryn Hill Preps An Album Fo' Real Check the story on MTV

Watch What You Say To Me...New T.I. + Jay

It's no secret that I don't have high hopes for this album but this track is a step in the right direction. This track is about millionaires showing how gully they are as if they'll have to prove themselves in the streets...I guess you're never too rich for street cred. I'd sell out and never give a shit what the hood thought but hey that's just me. Oh, props to Hip Hop Dx for the track (which has their drops on it) and which is where I copped it from. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lil Wayne = The Kiddies 2K7 Pac

Say Lil Wayne is nice to some and you might catch a verbal beatdown and an Uncle Murda. Say Lil Wayne is wack to some dudes and you might catch a verbal beatdown and a Camron (word to Tru Life). It all depends on the person you're talking to. Either you love him or you hate him. So, one day after coming home from my sorry ass 9-5, I began to wonder who else had a movement like this and it came to me on some real Keyser Soze type shit.

To SOME of these dudes Lil Wayne is like their new Pac

Disclaimer: Now, personally, I don't believe that Wayne is a carbon copy of Pac but there's some strong similarities. Bottom line: keep an open mind and peep game e-thug message board terrorists and close minded haters. And this is a long ass post. Just giving yall short attention span fucks a pre-game warning.

"Following a persona not a person"

Back in Pac's day, it was the shit to be the most hardbody n***a. That's basically what sold records i.e. Ice-T, Ice Cube, N.W.A. etc. So, when Pac dropped the whole Black Panther/political/socially conscious persona and got on that "thug life" bullshit his popularity rose. So, millions of fans got behind him because they either identified with thug life or fantasized about being some hardbody ass criminal. Some fans, not all, got behind dude because they thought Pac was the "realest n***a " EVAR not because he was a poet, not because he was the illest lyricist but because he was what they envisioned as a real ass n***a.

With Wayne, we're in a different time. This generation's motto is "get money" so, who better to get behind then the creator of "Bling Bling" and a dude who has M.O.B. tatted on his stomach. Wayne's fast rise from weed stashery to Cash Money C.E.O. embodies what youngens aspire to do; get money and get it as quick as possible as well as flaunting it as recklessly as possible. You might ask a cat why they support Wayne and they might say something along the lines of "he's getting money right now." It ain't like n***as know him personally or some shit, but you'd think they'd say he's nice and some cats do. Another thing, guess who also flaunted their money like a buffoon...Pac. And guess who's also thinks their John Gotti/hardbody of the millenium, Lil Wayne. Regardless, people support both because in their mind they both symbolize what each's respective generation perceived as "cool."

"Controversy sells"
Pac's had his fair share of moments of acting like a damn idiot when the camera's/voice recorder/whatever media outlet was available was recording. On most recollections, cats remembered Pac as a sensitive, quiet dude who was passionate. When we saw Pac on MTV News, YO MTV Raps!!! or in the Source or wherever now all of a sudden this n***a is a shotta or some shit. Recently, Wayne's been on the same shit. Wayne showed respect to Jigga initially. The dude's album is named the Carter (half New Jack reference/half Jay-z reference you be the judge). He used to say the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired. Not now...Now, he's the best rapper alive. So prior to this point, he's been at least a somewhat respectful dude. Now, this guy get in mags and shows his ass calling out Skateboard P, the Clipse, Jigga whoever. Whenever he gets the chance he says some reckless out the ass type shit.

"Living the character I rap about"
Pac wasn't no thug. He was a poor ass dude that may have moved some dimes and nicks but that's where it stops. Let's keep it 100. The dude was into drama; NOT BEEF, acting and poetry. He was passionate but he wasn't no gangster. Later in his career he lived by if thou rap it, thou must live it. So, dude begins slapping up directors (J. Singleton), catching cases, snuffing out Crips w/Suge whose dog was named Damu (so you don't have to wonder what kind of cat Suge was). Unfortunately, yall know the rest of the story; tragic etherization in Vegas. Peep game though with Wayne. Wayne's m.o. used to be stuntin, a little bit of drug/gun talk here and there but nothing too serious. Wayne's first LP if I'm not mistaken didn't have curse words on it. Sound like a thug to you? Right...I didn't think so. Fast forward to Da Drought 3, this cat's Blooded out. How do you become a gangster at his age, I don't know but I suppose he feels like he actually needs to be Nino Brown since he raps about it. Gillie Da Kid put it the best, Dwayne is a good kid...

"Suge v. Baby"
Both of these cats act as father figures for talented artists who needed guidance. Suge bailed Pac out of jail when he was broke. He had no one else to rely on. Pac was always a conflicted dude but Suge guided him down a path, one that got him swiss cheesed but nevertheless a path. Baby bankrolled Wayne's stunting when he was broke. Juve, B.G. and all them cats, none of them own their masters/publishing and basically admitted that Baby sonned them and gave them $$$ when they needed it. Their salary was pleading with Baby for dough, real talk. When they got smart they left. So, when the Hot Boys leave the family (a la Dre/Snoop leaving Death Row), it's okay Baby'll take care of it. Baby whispers (ever so sweetly) in Wayne's ear (probably how Suge put the burden on Pac's back to carry the Row), you're going to be the one to save this sinking ship, which is what Wayne credits for his miraculous turnaround and allows Wayne's to be the CEO of Cash Money whatever the fuck that means. But yall get the point. Both Pac and Wayne has Suge and Baby, respectively as father figures. Both cats alienated the whole world and became reliant on their respective father figures.

"Suspect Behavior (just a joke)"
Who the fuck wore their bandana like Pac back in the day??? That shit was sweet like tangerines. Then, the nose ring. Again, saccharin. Wayne, well, we all know the story with Wayne. He kissed Baby. (super pause the fruitiness). Snuggy jeans, smedium V-Necks...

"Napoleon Complex With Jay"
Both artists had their confrontations with Hov. Pac b/c he was vying for the top. Wayne for the same reason. I hope in neither artist's mind they actually believe they're better than Hov but to be the best you have to beat the best.

"Tatted Up"
Self explanatory

"Dear Mama, Dear Cita"
Pac shouts out his ma dukes, so does Wayne.

There's a handful of other reasons, but by this point I'm sure you're tired of reading (and I'm tired of typing) so I'll just end this shit here. What do y'all think???

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6 Hour Reign as The Most Hardbody N****a Alive Ends (pause)

I found out about Kimbo Slice (the most hardbody human being EVAR (pause, no fruity)) today. I saw him wreck about 10 dudes via Best of K. Slice knockout reel on YouTube and then I came across the video below. Kimbo, your reign on the top was short like leprechauns. Regardless of that, if I had to go toe to toe w/duke I'd jump off of a building and that's real talk.

Ignorant Pt. 2

This is the quintessential Southern buck nigga. Yea, I used the n-word. He's just that gully. Watch for yourself.

Fatshouts to

Sometimes It's So Ignorant You Have to Watch

Buffie the Body + DJ KaySlay + Pseudo Reality = Good Times

Fatshouts to

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Video: He Say She Say

Fuck A Fair One, I'll Get Mines The Fast Way

"Fuck a fair one, I'll get mines the fast way"
-the Notorious B.I.G.(R.I.P.)-

I bet when Big spit that line on Craig Mack's "Flava in Ya Ear (remix)" he never would've thought that shit would end up describing the direction of urban music (rap, hip hop and r&b) a decade and some odd years later. Shit, the n***a was probably thinkin' bout getting $$$ among other things. But, that simple line above perfectly describes why urban music is in such a shitty state.

Most mainstream rappers gave up trying to be nice like 10 years ago. Why spend the effort crafting an extended metaphor (if they even know what that is) when they can put together punchlines and similes like "square watch look like Spongebob on the wrist (Fabolous). WTF. So cats traded in metaphors for similes and now it's like fuck similes, I'll ABC a 16, throw T-Akon Kelly on the track and it'll blow as long as the hook sounds catchy and it converts to a polyphonic ring tone. 90% percent of the rap game, feels like fuck the fans as long as I get mines, I'm good money.

Who needs to learn music theory or how to play instruments when you can make a mill off of looping and sampling up your mom's records. Naw, fuck that I'll snatch the Casio from mom's basement and hit 3 keys, a drum mix key and a loop button. Or let's take it to the lowest common denominator, we can snap, whistle and clap and that'll be our beat. Some shit is creative, some shit is just plain stupid. Most of what we see now is just plain stupid, but hey as long as it gets the dust, it's all good.

R&B Singers
As a singer, you're job is to sing. Well, today...not so much. If you got the look (breast bags and an ass) and can be trained to perform (which equates to being able to dance in a cage and spread eagle onstage/videos) you're good money. Fellow blogger brought up Rihanna, then there's Beyonce, Ashanti etc, etc. Turn off the studio magic and the above are trash. If you don't believe me, go hear Jill Scott live...And lets not get into the subject content which consists of swallowing pipes, riding pipes or giving up the ass as quick as possible. Fuck it, it sells.

Yea, we fucked up big time. We let all the lame shit slide. We let cats ride around in tanks in videos. We let them do donuts. We let them wear fur coats with white tigers. We allowed our favorite rappers to dumb it down. So if rap is dying, we're to blame too. Mos said it best, rap is going where the people go. Everyone wants to say it's the kids this, the kids that but whose schooling the kids. Think about it. So if cats are pissed with where shit is at, then n***as need to start checkin themselves, their communities, their world. Nobody wants to be accountable, all we want to do is get money. No, not work for it, just get it and get it as soon as possible.

That is what's fucked up with music right now.

Don't Sleep On Canada Ay

Note: I'll post a link for this later. Sorry, I'm at work now.

In the meanwhile, go cop this, download it, check out his myspace, go hear this shit. This is what good hip hop sounds like, ay.

Wiki on Moka Only

Monday, June 18, 2007


Would it be that surprising if these two clods were chillin' at Jus Blaze's crib jammin the sticks on Knockout Kingz laughin' at how cats are so pressed to know the latest development in the Blaigon beef? Would it be that surprising in the WWE-landscape of rap today? I wouldn't be surprised by that but I don't think neither of these cats are that fuckin smart (no offense to neither but this beef seems like it's on some real man shit).

Let's start here. Two weeks ago I didn't give two fucks about Saigon. I had heard the guy's name years ago, but I couldn't name one track out of his catalogue. All I knew was that he used to occupy the bottom filler tracks on Kay Slay mixtapes right in that late 20 something track bracket. It's the spot the Kay Slay give to his cousin or the dude who hit him off with a yard or two to get the track on the tape word to payola. Bottom line was I had no idea this dude was working on a LP (for 3 fucking years) much less still rapping for that matter or that duke is on HBOs Entourage. Who knew??? Then this dude pulls one of the most apeshit Brian Nichols crazy buck n***a move ever via blog and threatens to leak this "glory" album that's fabled to be better than Illmatic while simultaneously making Jus Blaze to look like the Scrooge Mc Duck/Darth Vadar of hip hop.

And the dude did it via Myspace. No youtube videos, no crazy hot 97 interview with Angie, but a Myspace blog; you know the joints you don't even look at, in the right corner and you only click if you think it's pawg pics. Next thing you know, this cat has hip hop internet coverage every three seconds. So now when this cats breathes hip hop dx, xxl, sohh, allhiphop are all over this dude. Just a week ago, the average hip hop fan couldn't even spell Saigon...Now, this dude Saigon is either 1) a marketing/pr guru 2) has brain the size of fruit fly 3) or is a really hood n****a with no sense. You bet your dough on which one he is.

After his blog, Jus Blaze responded with a blog of his own; a blog beef of sorts then commences. Blaze sets the record straight saying the album isn't moving because of some sample clearance issues and basically stated "Yo, I'm Jus Blaze. I work with Jay (insert other top selling rap acts), I'm letting you eat (via beats/studio time), the pres of Atlantic is pushing your sample clearance through and your silly ass decides to go apeshit now?!? The nerve of this n****a." So, Saigon responds via blog (rappers/producers turning into authors; the shit is funny) and the saga continues.

So after all this bullshit, I (probably like about 100K other d-bags) am like who the fuck is this dude b/c according to himself his album is going to Lazareth the game. So I legally buy (legally buy = downloaded for the free.99) one of his mixtape and dude actually turns out being pretty fuego. Imagine 50 + com + Styles P and you got Saigon. Check a stream of the tape out here

I say that to say this. What is Saigon's single right now? Have you seen dude on 106 & Park? Is he on your favorite radio station? Dude has single handedly snatched the balls of hip hop news coverage without releasing anything on the mainstream and he's doing it not out of his greed but just b/c he think's he's hot and cats need to hear his shit (and cats think hip hop is dead).

1) Record labels take note. You want to build your artist a buzz, have him go plumb foolish like Saigon. 2) All you pricks that think blogging is unimportant tell me two weeks ago you was checking for Saigon. 3) If rappers can switch over to blogging, who's going to put the boy on a track so I can ABC my way to riches.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

That's All Folks: JRawls + Declaime = The Dank and Jammy Show

Sometimes weed can assist in the creative process. JRawls (the producer) and Declaime (the rapper) use blunts as their muse while they peruse the sin city, Vegas. There's singing, rapping, quasi spoken word, pimp talk and well placed interludes from Vegas variety shows. The LP has the feel of bright lights, big city. I love the shit. Maybe you will too. If not I'm sorry I wasted your time (Not).

The Dank and Jammy Show

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop

Here's another artist I never really gave a chance. After alternative radio stations played "Bucky Done Gun" a billion times, I was ready to stone M.I.A. for peeling my eardrums back. But, her new track "Boyz" that I heard was kind of crack--got the video somewhere below--so me and my good friend downloadable torrent hooked up and found M.I.A. and all her friends like Diplo, Hollertronix and a few others. I legally bought Diplo's solo, Florida, Diplo and M.I.A.'s mixtape and M.I.A.'s solo, Arular. As I've always who would I be if I didn't share the wealth with you heathens. She's the daughter of a revolutionary!!! At least give the shit a listen or two.

MIA/Diplo Piracy Funds Terrorism Mixtape

Covers on the Girl From Ipanema

Take your choice. Three covers on one of my favorite tracks. You're welcome.

Bebel Gilberto Cover

Frank Sinatra Cover

Ella Fitzgerald Cover

Sucker Free Sundays: More Saigon

More Saigon shit.

Saigon Belly of the Beast Mixtape

Saigon: Return of the Yardfather

So, recently on one of my blogs that I used for
here and my other blog on Hip Hop DX, I mentioned Saigon. I said something along the lines of who the fuck is this guy and why is he receiving so much press for bitchin about his album getting shelfed. I mean that shit's a rap game norm even for proven vets and this dude doesn't even have a studio LP yet. The audacity of this nigga; actually trying to get his music out to the people b/c he's passionate about his work. Well, truth is I heard duke a long time back when they said he was the truth didn't really feel the guy and moved on to some other shit.

I'm a righteous guy, so I figured I'd give him a second chance. That's what Jesus would do right? Being someone that chronicles the music/culture that is Hip Hop it's my job to find out who this nigga is. Turns out, this guy is fuego. He's not over the top lyrical (but still has bars), doesn't bombard you with shanking and spraying dudes, but still somehow manages to intertwine a positive message in with all the other shit. He's like Com + Styles P + 50. Maybe not a good mash up but y'all get the point; progressive, gangsta and a touch mainstream. Regardless, after I listened to this mixtape I was thoroughly impressed and I hate everything. I can go on and on about this cat but you won't have your own opinion until you hear this cat. So, without further to do...

Saigon Return of the Yardfather