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Friday, June 22, 2007

Some More of That New Fresh Shit: J*Davey

I think the first time I heard about this group, they were performing at MJQ Concourse which is down here in the A. Nicolay was performing too. In hindsight, I should've went b/c that's a really dope bill but I think I elected to sit on my ass and watch Sportscenter which was a great choice then, not so much now. Because her name kept poppin' up in different circles I moved in and out of I checked it out on the net, streamed a song or two and ironically, my roommate ended up with their "Division of Joy" demo tape. Man that shit's hot like VD. I'll try to put the shit online b/c 1) only about a handful of people heard it and 2) judging from how futuristic the music is, I couldn't see them releasin' a LP until February 31st or maybe January 33rd (FUCKING MAJOR RECORD LABELS!!!!). I'd describe it as new wave, rock, electronica, house & some other cosmic shit. Fuck it, it's uncategorizable. Anyhoo, click here to see what I'm saying. Enjoy snitches.

Click Here for more crack--the legal type.

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