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Friday, June 8, 2007

Wait, There's More

Akon = The Most Gangster Synthesized Voice Dude Ever

First, underage smut action and now this. I'll go on record of saying especially after looking at the pic above that I'd lay wood to this chick. Back to the regular scheduled blogging...

Ok, I heard about this incident but I didn't know it was like this. This is not a shove off the stage incident where an overly excited dude gets pushed off of a stage which happens at damn near every concert. Akon helps dude onto the stage and then Hulk Hogan's his ass into the crowd. The shit is a full on body slam.

Cool Kids Track: Lil bit of gold and a pager

I promote shit I like. I wrote a post about this Chi Town duo a while back but I didn't have any tracks I could post at the time. Now, I do. Check it out!

Gold and a Pager

Tell Me Have You Seen Her?

A champagne bottle to the dome could really hurt your career. I was listening to Fab's SHITBAG album and MO's buried on the second to last track.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lupe the Dealer, Lu-Lu-pe the Dealer

It's crazy I was telling my dude the other day I should write about how I thought Lupe was probably moving weight, but some other things occured to me especially after I read 1) the XXL Bol Blog and 2) heard an interesting quote on "Us Placers" that has the boy really convinced Lupe may have been getting his kick, push on for real...

First quote (shout out to Bol at XXL) “I push rocks, dawg.” - Lupe Fiasco, on his 2003 single “Pop Pop”

By now though, most have heard that Charles "Chilly" Patton, Lupe's business partner will be 44 years in the bing but if you haven't seen the story, here it is at Long story short Chilly got caught with enough heroine to keep Bobby, Whitney, Gil Scott, Miles Davis, Tyrone Biggums and Pookie from New Jack City getting busy for about 4 weeks (6 kilos which equals over a mil in street value).

The aspect I wanted to focus on was the taped convo they have of Lupe & Chilly discussing red and yellow tops. Lupe stated they were referring to his tracks but I've never known musical tracks to be named yellow nor red tops on any block, borough or city. Now I don't know much about the drug game. Frankly, I don't know exactly what a yellow top, but a shot in the dark tells me a vial of heroine. But what I do know is THAT A YELLOW TOP AIN'T NO FUCKING MUSIC TRACK.

Now, it's hard to imagine a dude like Lupe pushin but then again 1) he's from the Chi 2) what independent (sad but true) black record label doesn't have drug start up capital (word to roc a fella, and murder inc) and 3) probably the most convincing is the quote from "Us Placers." Now in the song, he's listing the lifestyle of the rich and famous (possibly himself, possiby not) but says "and someone to take the rap so I stay stainless." Now given the circumstances that shit makes alot of sense, couple that along with his eccentric clothing taste--which is a bit difficult to learn about when you're broke--and it don't take Matlock to solve this case.

Nevertheless, I hope it's not as it seems and in my eyes he's not guilty until proven so. Hopefully, the Cool makes it out before (God forbid) Lupe ends up in Oz and I pray that it doesn't end up like that. God knows hip hop is already in a shitty enough state.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Talib...SHHHH, Don't Say Nothing


We-Zee Eff Bay-Bee (semi new track and brand new track from Lil Wayne)

The Carter 3 has stirred up more buzz then both TI vs TIP and Curtis and it doesn't even have a release date yet. Last I know, it was going to be released early 2008. Neither 50 nor ti have generated buzz with their singles which both lick taint. Lil Wayne on the other hand has garnered uddles of attention with his trippy "I Feel Like Dyin" and "La La La" which is a newer track that will probably get some attention too. Lil Wayne, on a mainstream level, is kicking everyone in the nuts and will probably get the mainstream throne he wants b/c 1) no one else is putting in the sheer volume of (decent quality) material he is 2) no one else really cares to take it and 3) i think he's figured out being creative is a good thing. I'll address that another time here's the tracks though.

I Feel Like Dyin

La La La

The E True Hollywood Story of Black Star/Black Star Come Back Hip Hop Swallows Cum Now

Circa 98/99 Rawkus was in full effect pumping out compilations like Soundbombing, Lyrcist Lounge and in general had hip hop on lock. Mos Def and Talib were building up steam on the underground. If my memory doesn't fail me, Mos started appearing more on Native Tongue posse cuts (alot of De La and Tribe features), Talib had some hot verses out and Blackstar (collectively) was being hailed as the new movement of hip hop. I was mad excited to cop the Black Star album. I borrowed my dude's copy as soon as it droppped as I was too broke even in those days to purchase an album; much hasn't changed. The shit bumped all the way through and not on some scream and throw your head against a speaker and wild out type shit or some yo, let me grab the hammer and rob somebody type tip or the i'm a jiggy coon type BS but on a socially conscious, logical, positive, lyrical tip. Let's see: "Definition," "Re-Def," "Children's Story," "Brown Skin Lady," "Thieves in the Night," and I can't leave out "Respiration." Plus you were getting an early Hi Tek on some tracks. The shit was a hip hop classic. It had passion, creativity...all that shit to make a true hip hop album. So, the duo splits and pursue solo careers...That's cool, Mos got enough charisma and Talib's rhymes were dope.

Mos drops Black on Both Sides, a dope album not a classic but dope (for some it's a classic not me). Mos creates a versatile album with tracks like "Miss Fat," "Mathematics," "Mr. Nigga," and "Umi Says" showing that his artistry spans past just rapping. It was a good album for the genre of hip hop, Period. It showed creativity didn't have to be limited.

Talib & Hi Tek drops Reflection Eternal. Not to be outshined by partner, Mos, Talib also drops a near classic. Tracks like "The Blast," "Move Somethin," "Eternalists," and "Soul Rebels" were some of my favorites but even at, I think, around 23 tracks, it didn't seem over extended and for a cat to have that many quality tracks without every other track being a skit is amazing. Plus Talib's clever punchlines and dense lyrical verses left the listener with alot to think about (which then was a good thing. now, not so much--we're an instant gratification crowd nowadays--again not all but most).

Then the decline...

Mos drops his version of Common's (pussy whipped, spaceship ride--Sorry Com) Electric Circus, The New Danger. I remember thinking what the hell is this shit?? There's nothing wrong with growing but changing your whole steez up when you're fan base has come to love you for something else is simply wrong. The album seem confused, lacked a real direction and simply put, weird as shit. It was equal parts: 1/4 mushroom trip, 1/4 political rants, 1/4 some regular Mos BK shit and 1/4 crap.

Ok so now Quality drops. Mos didn't do so well but I know Talib wouldn't fail me. Wrong. Talib and Hi Tek divorce b/c of some shit I can't really remember. Hi-Tek's absense becomes ever present on this lp and Kweli struggles to find an identity. I'm a big time Kweli fan so when I hear dude name dropping Gucci or LV bags (whatever the shit was) on "Waitin for the DJ" I figured that Kweli had sold his soul to Satan for a Range and a shiney ice chain. Other tracks that left a sour taste in my mouth (pause no fruity) "Shock Body," "Gun Music" and even the Kanye assisted tracks seemed out of place. Point blank, in my personal opinion Quality was lackluster at best. Real talk on this album, Kweli saw his opportunity to hit mainstream and swung and his core audience (some not all) took it as he turned his backpack in for a pass to the Bigs aka Hollywood.

At this point, Mos was making mills off movies so I'm sure music was his last worry. Talib dropped Beautiful Struggle which was an okay album but I really wasn't feeling it and only gave it about a listen or two. I'm not going to front like I know that album from top to bottom. I barely remember it which to me, indicates it wasn't that great. Talib gets jammed up on the industry shit, seeks out of the majors. Mos returns to music drops True Magic which was not a bad album but I think because of the label drama he was going through those outside factors really derailed the project from hitting its full potential. Cats didn't even know it dropped. It came out right around that time window between Kingdom Come and Hip Hop is Dead. And I think alot of the controversial (aka good shit) got nixed because Daddy Big Dick aka the label didn't feel comfortable with putting out the uncensored version. Since then Kweli's done some other indie projects but I ain't been checking for dude really. I got Eardrum (for review purposes solely, lol) and I'm going to listen to it for real b/c despite his last couple of efforts, Kweli is better than 90% of the other rappers out and actually has passsion for the music. And good rappers deserve forgiveness even if they do drop some shitbag albums. I'mma cop the Liberation joint he did with Madlib too. Madlib might be the most dynamic hip hop musician of our time but I'll write something up on that another time.

But let's keep it all the way live here. These dudes just aren't as good as they could be as Black Star. They balance each other's styles out. Add in Hi-Tek and you got money in the bank (not in the literal sense but dope shit. y'all n****s know what I'm saying). The reunion album has been in the pipeline for damn near 6 years. C'mon guys lets put the egos aside and make it happen. Release the shit on Koch for all I care. Hip hop misses Black Star. Hip hop needs Black Star.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Crack Rocks = Hip Hop Classics???

So, I was just thinking about hip hop classics a la Ready to Die, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Cuban Linx and something just occured to me. Almost every hip hop classic (barring Tribe/De La classics) has some references to slingin' crack, blow, coke or heroine. I'm not going to go into the history of rap and its allusions to the dope game because I don't have the time to scan the lyrics of all the hip hop/rap albums in the world. I mean this isn't some shit I'm pullin out my ass though (pause). But what the fuck is so fascinating about some two bit numb nuts selling a rock to a cock smokin fiend. It's so fascinating that rappers have been dwelling on it for about 2 and half decades (if not longer). I know some of these rappers were on the fiend end instead of the dealer side which is probably why their descriptions are so detailed but that's another blog but why is it as a collective, we still get excited as shit when someone rattles off a couple of similes about flipping birds, keys, cakes or pies??? I mean maybe I'm wrong. It's just a fleeting thought. What y'all think?

Common featuring Preemo "The Game"

Fat shouts to Onsmash for the extra clean videos.

UGK featuring Kast "International Playa's Anthem (I Chooz U)"

Peep Pimp C's hat (what a fool), the dude dancing on the alter (man, that n***a is snappin') and the side boobie shot at the end (sweet). And why does the Bishop kiss that chick? Didn't quite understand that. This is a dope video with mad cameos. Love UGK, love Kast. Dope track even though the beat has been used 100X. Without further adieu

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Any Similarities Here?

The other day I was listening to the Clipse track "Ride Around Shinin'" produced by the Neptunes and thought I heard some similarities to KRS' "South Bronx." Y'all check it out and let me know.

South Bronx-KRS-One

Ride Around Shinin-Clipse

New Jack City: The Illest Black Movie Ever

Recently, I was reading a blog about dope black movies and made me think...After 2 minutes of solid thought. I've decided that New Jack City is illest black movie ever. How many pull quotes are there from this movie? Honestly, there has to be at least 10; including favorites as "sit your two dollar ass down," "rock-a-bye-baby" and "I want to shoot you so bad my dick hard" (no fruity). It had everything a black person could want from a movie; reckless usage of money, senseless violence, n****s (sorry Russell) pullin' each other's man cards, long knives, sex scenes, usage of slang in a not so corny way, fresh fashion, drugs and brief nudity...What else is there??? The plot was actually good, the actors could act and it wasn't one of those low budget shitbags like what we're seeing now. Lately, black movies have been sucking ass. Usually they're a straight rip from scarface or are a re-enactment of Love and Basketball with different actors and minus the topic of basketball. New Jack City came out in the early 90s and there's still nothing fucking with it. What other black movie can you sit down and watch 20 years later. Personally, it's my favorite. What's y'all favorites.

Honorable mention: Friday, The Mack and Paid In Full

WTF: The Weirdest MF-er to Make Some Dope Shit

Stones Throw was hip to Gary Wilson but they might be the only muthafuckers who are. This nicca plays like 5 instruments or some shit (no exaggeration: guitar, bass, drums, piano and cello). I first heard about him on Chrome Children. Then I copped some of his shit for the freelo on some trial e-music shit (who lets you download 24 tracks for free and then expect you to stay onboard. cat's must not have heard about my mid 90s fiasco with BMG i.e. 12 cds for a penny. y'all know what i'm sayin). I'll say no more check out G Dot Wilson. Think 80s kinky porno music + cosmic space + mad drugs and you got the sound of... Dreams . Someone comment on this please.

Wiki on Gary

America's Next Top Model

I remember when this shit just came out. My thoughts: "Yes, model sluts on tv and perhaps brief scenes of nudity (i.e. nips, cooter shoots)" and I indeed watched it for a couple of episodes. The starved chicks kinda didn't do it for me, but this is all a digression. Me being from the AUC, I took a personal interest when Eva from CAU was on there. Despite her bitchy attitude she still ended up winning; go figure. But now, all I got is one question.

Tell me have you seen her?

You Gotta Round It Out with The Ricky: Cold Blooded

Who doesn't know Rick's story. Dope artist, unique voice, provocative, climaxed with Street Songs, cracked out made a couple of hits after that album. yea, probably not the best description but that's what wiki is for. Anyways, here's what we know him for Cooooold Bloooded.

If y'all want more ricky let me know.

Posting Hot Shit pt. 2: David Ruffin

Yea, it's Leon from the Temptations movie aka David Ruffin (yea, that's transposed, but y'all know what I'm saying); another cat who caught up on the dope. He could sing his ass off and yes, Kanye sampled him numerous times too i.e. Blueprint . Read about him. Feel him. The second link is a link to David Ruffin's track "Common Man" which mysteriously years later changed into Jay's "Never Change."

Let me know if y'all want more David.

I'm Just In The Mood to Post some Hot 1 Gilbert

Some of you may or may not know who Gil Scott Heron is. I guarantee Kanye does though. He's probably sampled Gilbert about 5-10x, Real talk. Like most great artists who came up during his time 60-70s, Gil got caught up w/the heroine but he's the spoken word artist responsible for "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" Yea, that's him. Read about him. Most of his music that I've heard, contains some element of social commentary and mass quantities of funk. I just wanted to post some of his shit though b/c it's heat and otherwise cats might never hear it. You're welcome.

I got more Gil too just let me know if y'all want me to post more.

"we almost lost detroit mp3"

"The Needle's Eye"