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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lupe the Dealer, Lu-Lu-pe the Dealer

It's crazy I was telling my dude the other day I should write about how I thought Lupe was probably moving weight, but some other things occured to me especially after I read 1) the XXL Bol Blog and 2) heard an interesting quote on "Us Placers" that has the boy really convinced Lupe may have been getting his kick, push on for real...

First quote (shout out to Bol at XXL) “I push rocks, dawg.” - Lupe Fiasco, on his 2003 single “Pop Pop”

By now though, most have heard that Charles "Chilly" Patton, Lupe's business partner will be 44 years in the bing but if you haven't seen the story, here it is at Long story short Chilly got caught with enough heroine to keep Bobby, Whitney, Gil Scott, Miles Davis, Tyrone Biggums and Pookie from New Jack City getting busy for about 4 weeks (6 kilos which equals over a mil in street value).

The aspect I wanted to focus on was the taped convo they have of Lupe & Chilly discussing red and yellow tops. Lupe stated they were referring to his tracks but I've never known musical tracks to be named yellow nor red tops on any block, borough or city. Now I don't know much about the drug game. Frankly, I don't know exactly what a yellow top, but a shot in the dark tells me a vial of heroine. But what I do know is THAT A YELLOW TOP AIN'T NO FUCKING MUSIC TRACK.

Now, it's hard to imagine a dude like Lupe pushin but then again 1) he's from the Chi 2) what independent (sad but true) black record label doesn't have drug start up capital (word to roc a fella, and murder inc) and 3) probably the most convincing is the quote from "Us Placers." Now in the song, he's listing the lifestyle of the rich and famous (possibly himself, possiby not) but says "and someone to take the rap so I stay stainless." Now given the circumstances that shit makes alot of sense, couple that along with his eccentric clothing taste--which is a bit difficult to learn about when you're broke--and it don't take Matlock to solve this case.

Nevertheless, I hope it's not as it seems and in my eyes he's not guilty until proven so. Hopefully, the Cool makes it out before (God forbid) Lupe ends up in Oz and I pray that it doesn't end up like that. God knows hip hop is already in a shitty enough state.

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jean said...

That nigga lupe is a hypocrite like fuk....his music is still hot tho