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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

T.I.: King of the Atl Maybe…The South, Not So Much

So, I’ve heard T.I.’s first couple of tracks from T.I. Vs. T.I.P. and I can’t help but think “looks like I’ll have another weed plate soon.” Well, I wouldn’t say that because I wouldn’t buy the cd anyway but still you get the point; T.I. next lp = shitty album in the making. Coupled with the fact, the dude is working with Wyclef on a number of tracks (yeah, the dude that napalmed Canibus’ career/life) and simply put, shit ain’t looking too good.

But after I came to the realization that T.I. was going to put other another frisbee, I got to thinking “Hmmm…when has this dude ever put out a great album?” No, not an okay album, not a so-so album, but a classic or at least near classic. And the survey says, NEVER. I’m Serious was good. Trap Muzik was decent. Urban Legend was butt and King had a production line-up that a teething baby couldn’t fail with. And even when cats talk about it all the say is “it sold a shit load of copies.” No one ever says the shit was fire.

T.I.’s formula of success is a Southern accent + okay flow (lightweight East coast) and at the time he debuted that pretty much made you the best. When T.I. came out, NOT ALL but most, southern rap (barring OutKast, Scarface, UGK and a select few others) consisted of screaming into a mic and adding as much bass as possible on the track. But even when he came out, Ludacris was better than him BY FAR. His flow was/is better; his lyrics were/are better; his albums were/are better. I never quite figured out why people favored T.I. over Luda besides the fact that Luda is a clown-like rapper not a gangster/trapper which somehow in the absurd world of rap makes you a less talented rapper. But anyways, the only justifiable reason I can come up with for T.I. being deemed the king of the South is because no one else applied for the job.

Following his formula, I will now deem myself the king of blogging and in about 3-4 months I’ll be making mad bread having ménages with internet groupies that respect my diction.