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Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Jack City: The Illest Black Movie Ever

Recently, I was reading a blog about dope black movies and made me think...After 2 minutes of solid thought. I've decided that New Jack City is illest black movie ever. How many pull quotes are there from this movie? Honestly, there has to be at least 10; including favorites as "sit your two dollar ass down," "rock-a-bye-baby" and "I want to shoot you so bad my dick hard" (no fruity). It had everything a black person could want from a movie; reckless usage of money, senseless violence, n****s (sorry Russell) pullin' each other's man cards, long knives, sex scenes, usage of slang in a not so corny way, fresh fashion, drugs and brief nudity...What else is there??? The plot was actually good, the actors could act and it wasn't one of those low budget shitbags like what we're seeing now. Lately, black movies have been sucking ass. Usually they're a straight rip from scarface or are a re-enactment of Love and Basketball with different actors and minus the topic of basketball. New Jack City came out in the early 90s and there's still nothing fucking with it. What other black movie can you sit down and watch 20 years later. Personally, it's my favorite. What's y'all favorites.

Honorable mention: Friday, The Mack and Paid In Full


Averick said...

Dude, I just saw this movie last week but I watched it like 4 times...Paid in Full is an ill ass movie too. That dude Camron is the most ignorant nigga on the planet in the movie (and in real life judging from his 60 Minutes Interview). The movie is ill.

Anonymous said...

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