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Sunday, June 3, 2007

WTF: The Weirdest MF-er to Make Some Dope Shit

Stones Throw was hip to Gary Wilson but they might be the only muthafuckers who are. This nicca plays like 5 instruments or some shit (no exaggeration: guitar, bass, drums, piano and cello). I first heard about him on Chrome Children. Then I copped some of his shit for the freelo on some trial e-music shit (who lets you download 24 tracks for free and then expect you to stay onboard. cat's must not have heard about my mid 90s fiasco with BMG i.e. 12 cds for a penny. y'all know what i'm sayin). I'll say no more check out G Dot Wilson. Think 80s kinky porno music + cosmic space + mad drugs and you got the sound of... Dreams . Someone comment on this please.

Wiki on Gary

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