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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We-Zee Eff Bay-Bee (semi new track and brand new track from Lil Wayne)

The Carter 3 has stirred up more buzz then both TI vs TIP and Curtis and it doesn't even have a release date yet. Last I know, it was going to be released early 2008. Neither 50 nor ti have generated buzz with their singles which both lick taint. Lil Wayne on the other hand has garnered uddles of attention with his trippy "I Feel Like Dyin" and "La La La" which is a newer track that will probably get some attention too. Lil Wayne, on a mainstream level, is kicking everyone in the nuts and will probably get the mainstream throne he wants b/c 1) no one else is putting in the sheer volume of (decent quality) material he is 2) no one else really cares to take it and 3) i think he's figured out being creative is a good thing. I'll address that another time here's the tracks though.

I Feel Like Dyin

La La La

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jean said...

yo that second wayne joint is fiya