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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cool Kids: Some New Ish I Dig (That You Ain't Up On)

I love putting people on to new music, because cats sleep so hard on anything that's not on 106 & Park or on the radio aka BULLSHIT ASS POP MUSIC. Here's something I found on the fader site today while working hard at my gig. I came up on this HEAT ROCK. It's by these dudes from the Chi named the Cool Kids. The track is called "Black Mags," which is a reference to BMX bikes called Dynos (picture below)

Although their steez (fashion wise) is the overly saturated "hey, we're different look at us" jumpoff, the music is dope. Why the fuck does everyone want to be from the 80s? And when did being a nerd get cool? Like Commons says, it's the questions y'all. Enough with all the extra, here's the live performance and if you want to hear black mags check out their myspace.

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