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Monday, June 18, 2007

Would it be that surprising if these two clods were chillin' at Jus Blaze's crib jammin the sticks on Knockout Kingz laughin' at how cats are so pressed to know the latest development in the Blaigon beef? Would it be that surprising in the WWE-landscape of rap today? I wouldn't be surprised by that but I don't think neither of these cats are that fuckin smart (no offense to neither but this beef seems like it's on some real man shit).

Let's start here. Two weeks ago I didn't give two fucks about Saigon. I had heard the guy's name years ago, but I couldn't name one track out of his catalogue. All I knew was that he used to occupy the bottom filler tracks on Kay Slay mixtapes right in that late 20 something track bracket. It's the spot the Kay Slay give to his cousin or the dude who hit him off with a yard or two to get the track on the tape word to payola. Bottom line was I had no idea this dude was working on a LP (for 3 fucking years) much less still rapping for that matter or that duke is on HBOs Entourage. Who knew??? Then this dude pulls one of the most apeshit Brian Nichols crazy buck n***a move ever via blog and threatens to leak this "glory" album that's fabled to be better than Illmatic while simultaneously making Jus Blaze to look like the Scrooge Mc Duck/Darth Vadar of hip hop.

And the dude did it via Myspace. No youtube videos, no crazy hot 97 interview with Angie, but a Myspace blog; you know the joints you don't even look at, in the right corner and you only click if you think it's pawg pics. Next thing you know, this cat has hip hop internet coverage every three seconds. So now when this cats breathes hip hop dx, xxl, sohh, allhiphop are all over this dude. Just a week ago, the average hip hop fan couldn't even spell Saigon...Now, this dude Saigon is either 1) a marketing/pr guru 2) has brain the size of fruit fly 3) or is a really hood n****a with no sense. You bet your dough on which one he is.

After his blog, Jus Blaze responded with a blog of his own; a blog beef of sorts then commences. Blaze sets the record straight saying the album isn't moving because of some sample clearance issues and basically stated "Yo, I'm Jus Blaze. I work with Jay (insert other top selling rap acts), I'm letting you eat (via beats/studio time), the pres of Atlantic is pushing your sample clearance through and your silly ass decides to go apeshit now?!? The nerve of this n****a." So, Saigon responds via blog (rappers/producers turning into authors; the shit is funny) and the saga continues.

So after all this bullshit, I (probably like about 100K other d-bags) am like who the fuck is this dude b/c according to himself his album is going to Lazareth the game. So I legally buy (legally buy = downloaded for the free.99) one of his mixtape and dude actually turns out being pretty fuego. Imagine 50 + com + Styles P and you got Saigon. Check a stream of the tape out here

I say that to say this. What is Saigon's single right now? Have you seen dude on 106 & Park? Is he on your favorite radio station? Dude has single handedly snatched the balls of hip hop news coverage without releasing anything on the mainstream and he's doing it not out of his greed but just b/c he think's he's hot and cats need to hear his shit (and cats think hip hop is dead).

1) Record labels take note. You want to build your artist a buzz, have him go plumb foolish like Saigon. 2) All you pricks that think blogging is unimportant tell me two weeks ago you was checking for Saigon. 3) If rappers can switch over to blogging, who's going to put the boy on a track so I can ABC my way to riches.

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