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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saigon: Return of the Yardfather

So, recently on one of my blogs that I used for
here and my other blog on Hip Hop DX, I mentioned Saigon. I said something along the lines of who the fuck is this guy and why is he receiving so much press for bitchin about his album getting shelfed. I mean that shit's a rap game norm even for proven vets and this dude doesn't even have a studio LP yet. The audacity of this nigga; actually trying to get his music out to the people b/c he's passionate about his work. Well, truth is I heard duke a long time back when they said he was the truth didn't really feel the guy and moved on to some other shit.

I'm a righteous guy, so I figured I'd give him a second chance. That's what Jesus would do right? Being someone that chronicles the music/culture that is Hip Hop it's my job to find out who this nigga is. Turns out, this guy is fuego. He's not over the top lyrical (but still has bars), doesn't bombard you with shanking and spraying dudes, but still somehow manages to intertwine a positive message in with all the other shit. He's like Com + Styles P + 50. Maybe not a good mash up but y'all get the point; progressive, gangsta and a touch mainstream. Regardless, after I listened to this mixtape I was thoroughly impressed and I hate everything. I can go on and on about this cat but you won't have your own opinion until you hear this cat. So, without further to do...

Saigon Return of the Yardfather

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Anonymous said...

I like this mixtape, but Abandon Nation mixtape is better. Please check it out.