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Friday, June 15, 2007

Jay-z & 50 on Top 100 Forbes List for Celebs

Ok we know that Jay-Z and 50 are rich as hell but I get tired of retards telling me shit like Jay-Z owns the NBA or 50 made 100 billion dollars b/c he owns Vitamin Water. Neither of the above are true; Jay owns a stake in the New Jersey Nets and 50 owns a small stake in Vitamin Water. I don't know the exact percentages as I'm not either artist's accountant nor do I have the time to fact check for a site that's as unimportant as this one.

Here's something I come to notice that is sad but true, people usually take hearsay as facts because people in general usually use about as much common sense as a peanut and are so damn lazy that they'd rather rely on someone else's word then verify if something is true or not. But, I don't think I see that changing anytime soon. So, as a responsible human being and person who's willing to lead those who have gone astray (call me a Moses of sorts) I'm going to provide links to the Forbes pages that talk about exactly how rich Jay and Fifty are. Well, it'll give you a jist which is alot better than taking Joe Schmoe for his word.

Jay-Z on Forbes Top 100 Celeb List

50 Cent on Forbes Top 100 Celeb List

Shout out to Nah Right for putting me onto the list as I don't randomly peruse the Forbes site.

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