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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fuck A Fair One, I'll Get Mines The Fast Way

"Fuck a fair one, I'll get mines the fast way"
-the Notorious B.I.G.(R.I.P.)-

I bet when Big spit that line on Craig Mack's "Flava in Ya Ear (remix)" he never would've thought that shit would end up describing the direction of urban music (rap, hip hop and r&b) a decade and some odd years later. Shit, the n***a was probably thinkin' bout getting $$$ among other things. But, that simple line above perfectly describes why urban music is in such a shitty state.

Most mainstream rappers gave up trying to be nice like 10 years ago. Why spend the effort crafting an extended metaphor (if they even know what that is) when they can put together punchlines and similes like "square watch look like Spongebob on the wrist (Fabolous). WTF. So cats traded in metaphors for similes and now it's like fuck similes, I'll ABC a 16, throw T-Akon Kelly on the track and it'll blow as long as the hook sounds catchy and it converts to a polyphonic ring tone. 90% percent of the rap game, feels like fuck the fans as long as I get mines, I'm good money.

Who needs to learn music theory or how to play instruments when you can make a mill off of looping and sampling up your mom's records. Naw, fuck that I'll snatch the Casio from mom's basement and hit 3 keys, a drum mix key and a loop button. Or let's take it to the lowest common denominator, we can snap, whistle and clap and that'll be our beat. Some shit is creative, some shit is just plain stupid. Most of what we see now is just plain stupid, but hey as long as it gets the dust, it's all good.

R&B Singers
As a singer, you're job is to sing. Well, today...not so much. If you got the look (breast bags and an ass) and can be trained to perform (which equates to being able to dance in a cage and spread eagle onstage/videos) you're good money. Fellow blogger brought up Rihanna, then there's Beyonce, Ashanti etc, etc. Turn off the studio magic and the above are trash. If you don't believe me, go hear Jill Scott live...And lets not get into the subject content which consists of swallowing pipes, riding pipes or giving up the ass as quick as possible. Fuck it, it sells.

Yea, we fucked up big time. We let all the lame shit slide. We let cats ride around in tanks in videos. We let them do donuts. We let them wear fur coats with white tigers. We allowed our favorite rappers to dumb it down. So if rap is dying, we're to blame too. Mos said it best, rap is going where the people go. Everyone wants to say it's the kids this, the kids that but whose schooling the kids. Think about it. So if cats are pissed with where shit is at, then n***as need to start checkin themselves, their communities, their world. Nobody wants to be accountable, all we want to do is get money. No, not work for it, just get it and get it as soon as possible.

That is what's fucked up with music right now.

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Trenee said...

You're right. I can't even stand to watch BET any more. When I turned it on just yesterday I witnessed dudes "wiping down" with stacks of money, booties bouncing in front of rims, and bottle poppin'. I mean really is this where we are musically?