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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Real World: Sin City Cast Reunited

Yea, it's lightweight lame but I've always been a fan of the Real World. Back when Puck (look down...yea this guy)

was spittin on bitches and calling the gay dude a fag (real talk), I was watching it or when that black flaming moe (I think Stephen) slapped that white chick because she called him a homo. (this cast, again look down)

I was watching it back when they had that crazy black dude who introduced the ANGRY BLACK MAN to the world, I was there.(Him)

When Ruthie (her)

was drinking and sucking face with other chicks, yup you guessed it. I can go on but I say that b/c my favorite season was the Las Vegas season b/c it had chicks tonguing each other down, random drunkenness, unadulterated promiscuity (numerous doinking sessions), hoes calling bitches, bitches, bitches callin hoes, hoes. It was highly entertaining and they're bringing them back; some as crazy, depressed 20 somethings (Irissa), others have dropped their balls (Frank) and others have moved on to less interesing lives.

Whatever the case, on the first episode big boobied Irulan and crazy ass Irissa are already at each other's light skinn-di-did necks and we find out that Alton (black surfer dude), big boobie Irulan and crazy ass Irissa lived together and Alton almost doinked Irissa in a bathroom incident 4 years ago. The three spend the latter half of the episode arguing about who tried to move on who. Oh, yea LV season 1 lame, did some slut. Anywho, I think Alton tried her but that's me... I would have went for the menage too. They're both stainable, especially Irulan.

Looks like it'll be another decent season at least for the 4/5 episodes when they're screaming at each other's faces, doinking randoms or throwing beer cans at each other (Frank fastballs one at Steve--honestly, looking forward to seeing that). I'm looking forward to the whole season.

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