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Friday, June 1, 2007

Lebron is a Man (pause, no fruity)

A year ago, I was arguing with some of my homies about how I thought D Wade was better than Bron Bron. I made said assertion because then, in the clutch, Wade-ums was money and on the contrary, Bron was passing first and looking a bit sheepish when the clock winded down plus Wade had the ring.

A year later...LBJ is a man(pause). I wasn't even watching the game until overtime and I saw the kid doing some real NBA Live shit--you know when that one lame cat who gets a team with a kobe, t-mac or whoever and has said player score 100 pts. The dude was catching double teams, triple teams, pullin fadeaway 3s, teabagging Prince repeatedly. He laid pipe to the whole city of Detroit, not just the Pistons, the whole city. It was depressing to see the fans sitting in their seats after the game after they got no vaselined by one man. LBJ scored 28 of the last 30 points in the double overtime thriller with a career high in playoff pts with 48. It was almost unreal.

Finally King James is living up to the pipe polishing the NBA/sports critics/ESPN has been giving him since...hmmm about 8th grade (that's right ESPN covered one of his middle school games). Finally. Cleveland fans celebrate now, because if the Cavs make it to the finals against the Spurs, it's gonna be a re-enactment of OZ, with the Spurs being Adebisi (Ah-duh-bee-see) and the Cavs playing a sweet new candy ass on the yard. (super pause for the above)

But for now, Cleveland rejoice.

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