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Monday, June 11, 2007

Okay I Know Stack Bundles Is Dead But History Was Made Over the Weekend

If you're into rap, and some of the readers of this blog are not, you've probably heard that Stack Bundles of Dipset fame was violently murdered in front of his home this morning. So I'll say my piece on Stack. I don't know what his voice sounds like. I couldn't name a track he was on and I don't think he ever released an album (besides myriad shithole Dipset mixtapes). But I'll say this b/c I'm a respectful dude, R.I.P. Stack Bundles and I send my condolences to his family. No one deserves to have their life taken from them early and judging from the news coverage this story has gotten, he's affected many people's lives.

But this weekend something of greater meaning took place for the black community...

This weekend Lewis Hamilton (a Brit) became the first black person to win a Formula One race. Now, I hate to say this but we all know the following as true: 1) No one gives two shits about racing and 2) aside from videogames who knows what the hell F-1 racing (here's an illustration to clear up the confusion)

but I still think that said event is particularly important. First, Hamilton was the first black racer to ever race in F-1 competition which is a big accomplishment (that went relatively unrecognized by the black community and press) in itself but then shortly after that this guy wins a race--not only wins the race, but teabags the competition. ESPN said he dominated throughout the whole race. He even managed to avoid what was an especially dicey day in racing (multiple car accidents/collisions occurred). As of right now, Hamilton is number one in the overall F-1 point total standings and if dude wins the whole deal...Well that'd be a pretty big deal and also another unprecedented accomplishment. Perhaps, it's not getting the coverage it deserves because it's racing and racing licks balls to watch but whenever someone does something that is unprecedented it deserves some sort of press especially when it's something of this caliber. Good job Lewis Hamilton. You get props in my book not that that holds any sway in the real world.


Rico said...

R.i.p To My Nigga Stacks Imma Miss Clubbin With you you was a fly nigga no homo

lex's girl said...

i'm a fan of hip hop, and i had no idea who the hell stack bundles was til i get a letter from my husband like a week ago that said some of his cellmates keep tellin he him he looks like S.B. and i'm like"who?" so then i found out who he was, and that he's dead now. so....almost 2 years belated...RIP stack. you were pretty cute, like my man.