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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears vol. 2

Just a few things people need to fall back on...

1. The "I Really Think Hip Hop is Dead" Assertion

Nas' album title accomplished exactly what he set out to do. 1) To make a bold statement about the current state of Rap/Hip Hop 2) to open up dialogue amongst the fans and 3) to cause a shiteload of controversy, which in turn equates to album sells/$$$. Good job Nas. Is Hip Hop really dead though??? Hell no and Nas knows that. If he honestly believed that Hip Hop is dead, that would mean he's totally shittin on cats who are living and breathing Hip Hop i.e. real DJs (strictly wax), graff artists, b-boys, real emcees. And that's not Nas' steelo, he respects the art but about 1 to 2 million people didn't get the memo. Nas don't really think Hip Hop is dead. Nas saying Hip Hop is Dead would be him admitting he's not Hip Hop. So, lets dead all that Hip Hop is dead talk...Saying Hip Hop is dead would be like saying Condoleeza Rice could get it and that's a no no on any block (vomits a bit). Hip Hop is where it's always been, dwelling beneath the surface aka the underground, you just have to look. If you want to hear some real Hip Hop turn off your fucking radio/tv get your lazy ass on the internet and download (I mean buy)some MF Doom/Madlib, some Pharoah, Kidz in the Hall, Blue Scholars, Marco Polo, Talib or whatever suits your taste.

2. The "I'm Tired of the Radio/BET playlist" Spiel

And Last time I checked, the radio/106 & Park wasn't for the avid Hip Hop fan. It's for 13/14/15 yr olds who are just learning how to use their genitals which is why every song you hear alludes to genitalia related actions "Lip Gloss" & "Pop Lock and Drop It" "Get Me Bodied". Why do kids like the music, they do??? Who the hell knows. Kids have always been idiots througout time especially around puberty. But most Hip Hop records are a little bit too dense for an early teenager to comprehend. So let's stop complainin about what they play on the radio. There's an easy solution for riddin yourself of the feco matter they play on the radio, turn that shit off.

Another blogger made reference to the radio feedin kids BS which is true but radio doesn't turn kids into criminals, poverty does among other things and radio doesn't turn girls into sluts, sluts are just born that way. (naw jk). But society as a whole is crumbling, morally. Rap and R&B is only a very very very small piece of the problem. The music only chronicles where the people are. Society as a whole's paradigm has switched from long term benefits to to instant gratification. Another blog, another time.

3. The Stack Bundles Memorials

I don't have a problem with people sending condolences or mentioning a fond memory of dude with a RIP attached. That's paying someone their due diligence when they pass but let's not make it the trend du jour which is what it's become in the blogosphere. Show some respect you fucks. Cats will write a blog ethering a song/artist and throw in oh yea, R.I.P. Stack Bundles. I don't know Stack Bundles, I'm not familiar with many of his tracks and point blank, I don't know shit about dude but I'm not writing blogs about Stack and how much I missed dude either. If you're going to write about dude, at least mention a track he's done that you were feeling, a verse you heard you thought was dope, an interaction with him i.e. Stack owed my $5 or something about duke. The guy deserves that much respect.

4. There is No Number 4

Well okay, I can throw some random tidbits together. A black dude, Lewis Hamilton, won a F-1 (formula one race) for the first time ever. I know no one gives two shits about racing but that shit is important. Paris Hilton ain't shit and I hope some big butch girl named Bruhilda puts her sweet candy ass in the jail commerce. And I'm starting a campaign. Start Snitchin'. Do I like cops, hell no. But do I like safe neighborhoods where I don't have to worry about getting swiss cheesed up hell yea. If that makes me a pussy, then so be it. I'm not trying to be the next Big, Pac, Big L, Stack B, or whoever.

PS What's up with random rappers catching eye jammies. It's the new etherization word to Fab, Uncle Murda, Cam and Jimmy and whoever else caught a Deebo.

PSPS When did Saigon get popular???


Feeq14 said...

This is why ur my nigga, Who the fuck is saigon?

911 said...

Family guy tie in plus organized rant = Solid effort.