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Sunday, July 8, 2007

If You Assholes Are Going to Party like a Rockstar Do It Right

Hip Hop is decrepit, decaying and on its last leg and shit's looking a little shaky to say the least. There's no doubt in my mind that if Pharoahe could brick--sales-wise--with as close as one's been to a classic in years with Desire then it might be time to hang it up on this Hip Hop shit. Alot critics, bloggers and dissatisfied consumers in general have been flirting with divorcing this Bitch we call Hip Hop for a minute and some have called it quits, ashamed at what rap has become--a watermelon, toot and whistle, shuck and jive show word to mantan. It's only a matter of time before our favorite artists do the same and kick this Bitch to the curb. I mean, let's face it we can wax poetic about how REAL emcees should do this for the passion but passion doesn't feed a family of 4. Hip Hop, although it may be one's heart, is still a job; a job that puts food on the table. So as we see, right in front of our very eyes, the well running dry (sales are in the shitter, cats are being signed for deals only for their singles, artists scrambling to indies b/c the majors got them stuck) future acts will either convert to Rap (the pop friendly bastard child genre of Hip Hop) or move on to greener ($$$) pastures.

History serves us well with examples. When Uncle Crakka (TIs--word to Meka--Gen Pop America, the mainstream) gets ahold of it, it (the music) goes through a cycle--discovery, unabounded consumption, disposal (word to the blues and jazz). Hip Hop is now in that last phase being that Corp. America has boned it dry and will continue shaking it by the kankles until all the ringtone $$$ dry up.

I think (Afro)Punk is going to soon become what underground (what some would call backpack) Hip Hop was to blacks. I think fashion-wise we're already there. Now, we're starting to realize how retarded it is for a cat to wear a shirt that looks like a night gown and pants me, fred and ray ray from down the block can fit in. That whole style of dress is becoming corny and cats are trading in their XXXXXXXLs for regular fit tee and jeans and slim fit jeans (popular in punk). I can list a couple of other trends that remind me of punk: biker chains, mohawks, bandanas (the fairly obvious ones). Attitude-wise, we've never really gave a fuck; similar to punk but here's some other traits of punk: anti-establishment, nihilism. Some Hip Hop acts are already have these traits and if we're not ready to fuck some shit up after this Bush administration then we're just assholes. It's only a matter of time before emcees evolve in to punk rock band fronts and Hip Hop becomes a faded memory--slight exaggeration but yall get the point. Personally, I think this is where cats are gonnga take and if you interested in seeing the future check out and here's a couple of artists I checked out from there:

Tiombe Lockhart

The Apes

Philmoore Browne

Dragons of Synth

Building Better Bombs

Whole Wheat Bread

Thoughts anyone???

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Chavannes said...

I say all good things come to end an end...look at jazz!! All we got left of that is some wack ass elevator music and the white hipsters tryna bring it back. I'm just glad to be able to grow up with hip hop during my childhood