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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let Me Put You On: El Michels Affair

I got another dope group I want to put y'all on. They're called the El Michels Affair (look below)

They're the guys that's not Raekwon. They've toured with Rae and Wu playing back up making old school Wu shit even doper than it was...They don't rap. They don't sing. They don't beef with other musicians to get pub. They're not picking up trannies (at least I don't think). Them niggas just play music (not that fruity electronic pro tools/fruity loops bullshit, real music with instruments); music that's funky. The first time I heard this shit it touched my soul. The shit is fresh. I'm gonna list a couple of tracks. If y'all like it let me know and i'll up the whole thing. Enjoy. If you likey, cop the shit (album cover pictured below, it's called Sounding Out the City). I didn't cop mines but you should cop yours. Cheap Bastards!!!

Detroit Twice

Ochos Rios

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