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Monday, July 16, 2007

Callin a Spade a Spade...

I'm at work on Nah Right doing what I does--moonlightin' like fuck and gettin paid on the company dollar and hear Cassidy's I Get Money (Freestyle) and I must say he styled on 50 with a pretty mediocre Cassidy verse, but that's only to be expected as if 50 produced anything other than a turd nowadays it would be astounding. Towards the end there's an interesting jab taken at the rapper du jour, you know Mr. 468K out the gate/dude with two dudes living in him. I'm not the type to pat myself on the back but I was all over it (about 2 weeks ago) with this post so give me a round of applause. Thank you, thank you. Apparently, Cassidy was reading my blog or has eyes and ears that function with minimal comprehension skills. Judging from T.I.'s recent hijinx I'm sure he'll have something to say and Cassidy will respond, yall know how it goes and maybe in the end, someone will catch an eye jammy much to my delight. But the sad thing here is that T.I.'s blatant bite sold more in its first week--and if not first week then the addition of his second week--than Cassidy has sold ever (whole catalogue, perhaps). Is there any justice in Hip Hop??? It's like when someone makes a diving catch in Madden for a TD on the last play. You know it's bullshit but what can you do?

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